The Blue Zone, LLC
4303 Farm Road Suite A
West Jordan, Utah 84088
Contact Information
Name: Ken Gray
Email: kgray@thebluezone.com
Website: www.thebluezone.com
Phone: 800-481-7532

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Company Background

The Blue Zone is one of the leading providers and manufacturers of fixed wireless networking equipment that is currently making broadband connectivity as commonplace and economical as dial-up services. Our core mission is to develop, manufacture and deploy the newest generation of fixed wireless products that is creating community wide broadband wireless infrastructures that provide affordable communications services for voice, video and data.

The Blue Zone was formally organized on December 2003 and is committed to provide a new generation of technology and approach to high-speed wireless Internet access. Through a unique cooperative business model, the company has unleashed the power of broadband access via its proprietary wireless technology.lls, and machining centers. All of these processes are backed by our engineering and test departments which support our production with state-of-the-art equipment.

The Blue Zone, an avid supporter of the open systems 802.11 WiFi and 802.16 WiMAX standards, is focused on community and metropolitan wide area deployments by effectively enabling the world’s largest Wireless hotspots, and bridging the gap of the “digital-divide” between technology starved communities and the global communications network infrastructure, the Internet.