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WiFi Technology

FRC is an emerging leading manufacturer and supplier of broadband wireless and fixed wireless technology. An established leader in the avionics antenna industry, FRC in 1999 began focusing its engineering development efforts on offering a complete turnkey solution to the wireless industry (e.g. WiFi, WiMAX, PCS, etc.) for applications including ISP's, wireless hot spots, and small, medium and large businesses.

FRC offers a range of wireless license free wireless products readily available for deployment worldwide. Our connectivity solutions are designed to enable the sharing of broadband access, voice, video, and data in your home, at your business, and around the world.

Our products provide easy-to-use, value-priced, quick-deploying broadband wireless solutions. The product line offering includes:

  • Base Stations/Control Access Units(CAU)
  • Antennas
  • Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)
  • POE