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2 GHz Antenna/CPE

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FRC's Patented* Smart Antennas outperform all previously field-deployed antennas in every category. Wireless network operators can establish a perfect link with minimal tuning compared to other antenna systems; this dramatically reducing the cost of deployment, installation and testing. Link quality is very stable, even while moving the antenna several degrees from 'bore sight'.

Our antennas also have greater obstruction penetration and less fading, due to its circular polarization design. Our antennas work best of for customers seeking cost-effective point-to-point and point-to-multipoint products that operate in the 1.7 - 5.9GHz spectrums.

*The Stub Loaded Helix is covered by the U.S. and Worldwide Patents. All rights owned by Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties. Exclusively licensed by FRC Inc.