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FRC has various processes and capabilities to design and manufacture military and commercial custom wound magnetic components and related assemblies. These high-quality, precision products are designed and manufactured in both the Iowa and Florida-based plants. Our staff of experienced electrical engineers and technicians are capable of designing and developing hundreds of part numbers simultaneously.

  • Coils
  • RF, LC, Audio Filters
  • High Voltage Transformers

Our magnetics product lines include RF/IF transformers and chokes, power transformers and chokes, HV CRT transformers, 400 Hz magnetics, GPS transformers and filters.
We build to any customer specifications and many military specifications, including MIL-C-15305, MIL-C-39101, MIL-T-27 or MIL-T-55631. Both plants are fully equipped for all standard coils testing and necessary test fixtures are designed and built in our on-site machine shop.

Winding and assembly capabilities include hand and machine winding: single, multiple, progressive or pi-winding; using all types of core materials, coil forms and wire products. Our state-of-the-art SIPRO automatic winding machine, capable of producing 3,200 pieces per hour, is fully programmable and performs all cutting, stripping, winding and tinning operations.

Our diversification and flexibility allow us to better serve your needs. We will coat, encapsulate, bench mold and vacuum impregnate to any customer or military specifications. All production molds and fixtures are designed and built on-site by our tooling specialists, enabling us to better respond to your customized needs.